The Sexiest Thing


I recently got back on the dating horse. After 4 or 5 months of “Please leave me the fuck alone. I am really, really not interested. Really,” I decided to slowly open the doors to emotional availability again.

As soon as the door was ajar, I felt overwhelmed.

3 Tips For Childfree Living


*Morgan Freeman’s voice*  “Imagine a life where your dreams & goals get top billing. A life that satisfies you on a deeper level. And even though people question your choice and diaper commercials annoy you, you feel at peace.”

Before I was a 36 yr old confidently-childfree woman, I was an 18 yr old girl who wasn’t interested in motherhood. 


But I didn’t yet know that I had a choice. 

Obsessed with my violin, I had a car, an apartment & freedom. 

But in the back of my mind, I could hear all the clichés:

“You haven’t met the right man yet!” 

“You’ll change your mind about motherhood once you have your first kid”

“Be fruitful and multiply”

“Graduate, go to university, get married, have babies, be a MOM. That’s what everybody does.”

So what’s a girl to do?