To scare off a “pro-lifer”


I once told my Childfree Girls co-founding non-mothers that arguing with people who identify themselves as “pro-life” is pointless. It was in a moment when I was in the middle of a discussion with someone else who had been going around in circles for a while, and I was tired and angry that some people not only still think it’s OK to tell women what they can or cannot do with their bodies but are also very supportive of heavy legal regulation in this matter.

While this person and I were discussing rape, birth control, and abstinence, I noticed he kept pulling the conversation back to a point where he could argue one more time that “zygotes and fetuses are also human beings; therefore, abortion is murder.”

I cried while writing this.


TW: rape, child abuse, authority abuse, suicide

At the 15’55” mark of the Childfree Girls’ latest episode “No Womb for You,” aired on Nov 3rd, I made a statement that makes me angry and sad at the same time:

“People care about the fetus, but after it’s born (…) nobody gives a fuck”

I was paraphrasing something my fellow Founding Non-Mother, Kristen Tsetsi, had said in a previous conversation we had. The meaning of this had stuck with me because I cannot understand why some human beings prefer to defend an unborn, potential human over an existing one.

I want to further illustrate my reasoning behind this statement by supporting it with a recent case.