Childfree People Are Not Selfish; Childfree People Are Self-aware


I think the nicest mean thing I have been called is “selfish.”

When I tell people that I don’t want to have children, they usually look at me with disapproval before asking, “Why?” — with more disbelief than curiosity. Sometimes, if I’m really lucky, they will tell me how and why all childfree people are wrong. They won’t refer to me specifically, as in why I (Isabel) am wrong. No, instead they will generalize. It’s more polite that way.

A Childfree Woman Playlist


I listen to music all day, every day. It doesn’t matter where I am, what I’m doing or what mood I’m in, music is everything to me. I have a couple of playlists that I created for specific occasions, but I wanted to make a childfree playlist for those moments when I need to get a boost of that “fuck, yeah!” feeling about my chosen lifestyle.

You can find the full playlist here:

“How do you think she got the job (wink wink)?” really means, “Shouldn’t she be home with kids?”


In Isabel’s latest post for “Behind the Scenes,” she makes an important observation:  “If you [women] want to work in a traditionally male-dominated industry or occupy a traditionally male role, you are asked, ‘Who the hell do you think you are?’” 

No one asks this to women’s faces. That would be rude. But I did find the following comments about working women shared online: